Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Argh! Cocteau Twins Reunion Halted

This will be a quick one here. So I was perusing the Coachella message boards and found a press release saying that the Cocteau Twins would not be playing at Coachella after all due to singer Elizabeth Fraser's personal issues. I figured, hey, it's a message board, what do they know? But a few hours later, the same press release appeared on and I knew it was for real. This is slightly annoying, given that I've paid $400 for my concert and plane tickets and was hoping to see every band that I was told I would see, but it's not all bad. I actually didn't start listening to the Cocteau Twins until after the Coachella lineup had been announced, so really, just the simple announcement that they were playing introduced me to an amazing band. So yes, it sucks that I won't get to see them live, and maybe, just maybe, they'll replace them with a comparable band, though I'm not holding out hope since no one replaced Wilco last year. I highly recommend all three Cocteau Twins albums that I now own, Treasure, Blue Bell Knoll and Heaven or Las Vegas. If you're looking for some excellent music to just sit back and chill out to, they may be just the band for you. (Convoluted post, yes, but I'm waiting for a file to transfer at work and had nothing better to do)


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