Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah at the Black Cat

So DCist already covered most of the territory that I would have in this post:

But I wanted to take a second to voice my own opinion. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah made a great album, and did it without a record contract, a very impressive feat that is earning them a lot more money than your average indie band. However, even if they are proud of themselves, that doesn't excuse them from barely showing up at the Black Cat last night to play an uninspired set that disappointed most everyone attending the sold out show. The show kicked off with some promise before singer Alec Ounsworth decided that he could stop caring about 5 songs in. He mumbled words, didn't finish lines and frankly didn't seem to care that all these people had some out to see his band perform. Clearly he thought rather highly of his songs to attempt to release them without a label, but now that he's tasted success, his ego seems to be growing to epic proportions. He's got all the makings of a primadonna who could sabotage his band before they even finish recording their second album. As for the rest of the band, except for guitarist/keyboardist Robbie Guertin, they didn't have an iota of energy. Guertin bounced around, but it appeared the rest of the band was judging him the entire time as brothers Lee and Tyler Sargent stayed stonefaced and looked bored off their asses.

A memo to Ounsworth and Co.: You guys write and record excellent music, but you are not THE SHIT quite yet. Just showing up at a venue is not enough to warrant the thousands of dollars you guys are earning each show. Find yourself a rehearsal space, work on your stage presence, don't look so pissed off that you have the greatest job in the world and get in sync with one another. Come back to me in a year and if you've fixed these things, you may have a future. Otherwise this band is doomed to failure, and sooner rather than later.


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