Friday, October 07, 2005

I'm the DJ?

Well last Friday, sitting in traffic going to and from the Coldplay concert at Nissan Pavilion (I will never go to a concert there ever again), Ian and I started brainstorming an idea for a Smiths/Cure Dance Party in Charlottesville. We thought that with the lack of things to do in Charlottesville, especially for the under-21 crowd, that putting on something different like this could really succeed. Well Ian mentioned that he happened to know the owner of the Satellite Ballroom, a new venue in Charlottesville that hosts mostly indie rock shows, and that he'd shoot him an email when he got home.

Well, to our surprise, on Tuesday, Ian received an email that read as follows:
ian, i love the idea. what night do you want? i'd like it to be something easy to remember like the 1st X of the month or last X of the month or something like that. let me know and i'll get you a date today. best,peter

Well, we were a bit shocked that he just jumped on the idea so quickly, but damn, we took it. Unfortunately, things hit a couple of speed bumps, namely that it looks like the Dance Party is going to have to be 21+ given the alcohol laws in Virginia, but really, I think we'll survive. I mean, we're hosting a fucking DANCE PARTY!!! So here are the details for all interested:

How Soon Is Now Productions Presents
The Smiths vs. The Cure Dance Party, Saturday November 5th
Satellite Ballroom, Charlottesville

Oh, I neglected to mention, I will be DJing this event, so this will be the first official live performance for DJ Starrscream. It's a bit scary to think that this is in 4 weeks and I don't even have all my equipment yet, but I should be alright, right?


At 6:57 PM, Anonymous Kristen said...

Shouldn't your post be titled, "Hang the DJ", more appropriately?


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