Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Arctic Monkeys/Radiohead/Futureheads News

Alright, a few bits of news to report here. First off, Britain's new "it" band, The Arctic Monkeys are coming to town in March. They'll be playing the 930 Club on Monday, March 27th. Their single "I Bet You Look Good On the Dancefloor" is available now on iTunes and is quite catchy. They're labelmates with Franz Ferdinand, but their sound is a bit grimier and punkier. Of course, I've heard only one song, so I have no idea what their album will sound like. The debut in question, Whatever People Say I Am That's What I Am Not, will be available in the US on February 21st, but it comes out in England on January 23rd, so it may be available on iTunes at that point.

Also, Radiohead was recently turned down in an attempt to play at a new Frank Gehry-designed pavilion inside Chicago's Millenium Park. Why is this significant? Because there were proposed dates for these shows, June 19th and 20th. This means Radiohead is most definitely coming to the US, and we've got a good idea of the time period.

And in even more news on music from across the pond, The Futureheads have just finished recording their second album and plan to mix it over the next three weeks. If all goes according to plan, the album will hit stores in late April and they will be touring the US sometime this Spring or Summer. Unfortunately there will not be any Kate Bush covers this time around (damn!), but singer/guitarist Barry Hyde claims that "it's quite a brave statement of an album." Interesting, yet bold move coming off a very successful debut, but I like these guys and they've got some talent so they might be able to pull it off.


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